A Salute To Spring

A Salute To Spring …

Spring Time
The Best Time
Spring in my step
Spring in the air

Spring! Spring!

Lingering everywhere.
Spring fever to follow,
But I don’t care,
Spring, for new journeys,
I’ll meet you there!
By the garden gate,
You silly thing,
It’s an invitation to frolic
So let’s begin to sing.

It’s Spring!

– Written first day of Spring 2010 Dorothy Alves Holmes A Poet Who Loves To Sing Dorothy (Alves) Holmes



  • Spring fever (zrhfyrd.wordpress.com)
    Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is?
  • Got Spring Fever? (doingthewritething.wordpress.com)
    feeling of restlessness or excitement commonly associated with the approach of spring.
    An irrepressible urge to go outside and play in the dirt.
    we should probably take advantage of the spring weather before summer kicks in.
  • Singer in spring (sanjeetv.wordpress.com)
    cuckoo is singing these days.
    even without getting any praise .
    we human don’t care much about that voice.
    but spring knows his craze
  • Welcome spring (thelovelyfitness.wordpress.com)
    On 22nd of March, my hometown celebrates The Feast of the Holy Forty Martyrs, but also the first day of spring. To honor this tradition, the local Youth Centre organizes an all-day event and whenever invited we are delighted to perform.
  • Bulbs Get Spring Fever Too Garden Sense (foodiefriendsfridaydailydish.com)
    According to a Zen proverb-Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. That fact is hard to swallow for those of us with Spring Fever. We are not alone with this feeling. Flowers get spring fever too.
    Cheerfulness and joy are the translation of the word “Crocus”. Most of us are familiar with this spring flower, which comes in white, yellow, purple and variegations of these colors. Crocus is not true bulbs, but actually corms which die-off each season and produce new plants from nodes formed on the outside of the corm. These flowers are one of the first food sources for awakening honeybees.
    Scilla Siberia, or Siberian squill have deep-blue flowers that contrast nicely with the whiteness of snow or shades of brown earth in your garden.
    All these bulbs are great for naturalizing, rock gardens, planting under trees and along borders.
  • January Sky. A poem by : Dorothy (Alves) Holmes (lavenderturquois.wordpress.com) > January Sky. A poem by : Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
    I close the blinds to this pale sky and go to
    The east window where the sunrise
    Throws kisses to awaken the day,Enhanced by Zemanta


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