Library of Love

There is so much interesting to read, we could not afford it. By sharing our reading treasures, we shall not only share the words but also give dreams and messages of inspiration and exploration.

  • Lives Change @ Your Library – Celebrate National Library Week – 4/13-19/14 (
    Today’s libraries are faced with the challenges of responding to the ever-changing needs and interests of their communities. Libraries and librarians throughout the country provide their communities with tailor-made collections and services for people of diverse backgrounds, language abilities and technological skills.
    “Today’s libraries continue this tradition, supporting the education of our children, the life-long educational needs of adults and the growing need for digital literacy. Libraries help to level the playing field by making both print and digital information affordable, available and accessible to all people and providing guidance and support in finding the right information in a suitable format.”
  • 9 Dream Libraries and My Real Home Library (
    Who would not want to have a fascinating library at home? With the recent book reviews I’ve been doing, I keep receiving books after books from authors and publishers. How I wish I had a home library like one of these!
  • Silence in the library (
    The rows of desks contain hard working students and myself, who is generally staring at the park outside the window and the pigeons circling round. Sometimes I look at the book in front of me, yet that’s never as interesting as people watching, day dreaming, pond staring, doodling, etc etc etc.
  • Book Horde (
    I was thinking this last night as I looked at the stack of books on my nightstand, and then read myself to sleep with a book on my phone (my preferred in-bed reader, as I can turn out the light, and it’s small enough to curl up around). I have so little time to read, and yet I still buy books. The stack on my nightstand alone, at my current rate of a book a week, could last me months. Not to mention the stack in the office, the book on hold at the library, or the shelves… we won’t even discuss the books in the e-library.
    I love having a library, and sometimes I have a pang for the lost books, like people who have gone on, beyond my reckoning, but I still have memories. What is more, as a writer I can craft those memories into stories, to honor the ones I read before, which are no longer. I can take the people I have loved, and those I have not, and add them to the mix. I can pull dimly-remembered facts from the non-fiction, verify, and use it to add versimilitude to my tales. I am what my books have made me.
  • Director of Libraries at MIT Libraries (
    Responsible for the MIT Libraries and oversight of the MIT Press, the Director of the MIT Libraries uses visionary leadership to guide both organizations through times of transformation in their respective industries. The Director is expected to leverage an increasingly networked and collaborative information environment as an important partner with MIT’s academic and administrative units to advance the Institute’s research, teaching, and global agendas in alignment with its mission and values.
  • Treasures Of The Library Podcast: Professor Christopher Given-Wilson on Rolevinck’s Fasciculus Temporum (
    This short video is one of several which have been made based on the book. The entire set, which will be added to periodically, is available on the University of St Andrews Library YouTube channel.
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  1. What a great idea. I enjoyed my visit here reading this blog.



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